7 Things You Are Missing Out On By Not Reading

Published Date: 24 Nov, 2019 Updated date: 02 Mar, 2021 By Celebs Podium

You hear it everywhere, you hear it every day. Everyone’s talking about books and how amazing they are. You ignore them because you just can’t sit down and read when you have so many other “better” things to do.

We sit back, we watch, and we silently observe you—all while you are out there, partying around, living your cool life and posting pictures on Instagram. You think that’s what we readers do staying in all the time, don’t you?

You couldn’t be more wrong. We get so many other things to enjoy and spend time on, that nonreaders don’t (Unless they start reading, of course!)

Here’s a list of 7 things you are missing out on by not reading:

1. The Details

Ask any book reader to choose between the movie adaptation of a book and the book itself. You know what, don’t bother. Because the answer will always be a stern,” The book was better.” You know why? Because there are so many details in the books that take you through an overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions that it’s just not possible to portray in motion pictures. Believe it or not, but when you read a book, you can actually guess what the character’s next steps will be.

2. Imagining Characters


That brings us to imagining characters. There is something “weird” about books that always have us, book readers emotionally attached to the characters. We have our own imagination about how these characters talk, walk, smile, wink, frown and do so many other things. We are so connected to these characters that they start to feel closer than our real friends. But why would you, “nonreaders,” care?

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3. The Book Hangover


I’m not even kidding, this is the best and the worst part about reading a book. When you were a child, did you ever go to an amusement park, or a fair, where you had a long day of unlimited fun and then the day ended? And, in the evening, do you remember not wanting the day to end but also knowing it was a fun-filled and happy day? Finishing a book is just like that. You are empty because that package of emotion is suddenly non- existent but deep down, you know you had to end it.

For the next few days (or weeks) you go through this hangover phase where all you think about is the book and its characters, and how it could have ended, and what could have happened in its parallel universe. Then you find this mind-blowing world called fandom, where you can pour all these thoughts.

4. The Fandoms

Of course, fandom— the only place you can talk about your silly ideas of how things could have been and people will totally understand, even support you. Fandom is the one place, in the entire universe of the great Internet, where you can discuss as crazy theories as you want about your favorite fictional world. And guess what, nobody will judge you or look at you with a look that says, “Get away from me, you sicko!”

5. The Inside Jokes

Book references are widely used all over pop culture, be it songs, movies, or TV series. They are everywhere. And only those who actually read will get them, unlike those who spend their entire time blabbering about how boring and dumb reading is. Kids who made fun of readers for being “nerdy,” my eyes are at you!

6. The Book Smell


The smell of popcorn popping, the rain touching the sand for the first time, or your boyfriend’s cologne—this one out-shadows them all! Oh, that ancient smell! Do yourself a favor and visit a library every once in a while. Sniff a book, any book, and you’ll know. You’ll know it all when everything you are stressing about vanishes into thin air.

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7. Being Cool

Let’s face it. After reading so many books about so many things, we, readers obviously have a higher knowledge level than nonreaders. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, journals, poems… we know it all. We have lived a thousand lives; all in the comfort of our beds cuddled up in blankets and sipping hot cocoa. So, we have knowledge about almost anything, I repeat, ANYTHING. Do you know what this means? It means we can get you your crush in no time, and tell you eerie stories about secret societies as well. All in all, we read and we know things!

We know, we know, you enjoy your life the way it is—upbeat and loud. You like socializing and making friends. But hey, you deserve to relax every once in a while. So make time for yourself. Grab a book about anything you love, a blanket, sit down, and turn those pages. It will take a while, but I promise you, once you enter the world of reading, there’s no going back. And honestly, you will never want to.

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