6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing

Published Date: 30 Jun, 2019 Updated date: 30 Jun, 2019 By Celebs Podium

From self-driving cars and spam detecting to personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Artificial Intelligence is becoming the revolutionary innovation these days with its reach in every nook and corner of the world.

The advancement in AI has directly benefited the evolving world of Digital Marketing as well. Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role in business organizations insisting the marketers in the process of searching and analyzing consumer behavior. On top of that, the supplementary factors, including big data and machine learning have contributed AI to grab its full potential.

Up until now, various digital marketing firms have maneuvered the concept of Artificial Intelligence in their day-to-day business endeavors. So, let’s find out the 6 significant ways how AI is transforming Digital Marketing:

1. Implementation of Machine Learning

The concept of Machine Learning allows the machines to monitor past processes or actions and opt for better decision-making in the future. With the use of improvised analytical tools, the company owners and employees can focus on the creative aspects of their work, leaving the machine to do the decision-making part of the job.     

Besides, it insists on understanding the patterns in buyer behavior, which assists the advertisers to make a better plan in targeting consumer preferences.

2. Personalized Customer Experience


Use of AI certainly helps in the creation of personalized customer experience. The concept of augmented reality provides customers with the option to see and feel the product before making the purchase. It will make them easy to decide what they want without having to go through any troubles and delays.

On top of that, the concept of personalized customer experience prompts to be time-saving as customer need not have a physical encounter with the products. Instead, they can make a purchase from wherever they want to, which aids in faster response and efficient workflow.

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3. Analysis of Customer Behavior

As we have talked earlier, Artificial Intelligence assists in the decision-making process as well. To some extent, the modernized machine-formulated decisions prove out to be better than the manual one. Amidst data collection and analysis, it becomes easier to analyze the buying patterns of the customers which assist in creating automated systems and customer profiles that allow targeting specific markets.

The AI-controlled machines will analyze the customer’s behavior closely and will help in formulating bigger and wiser decisions.

4. Integrating Insights


Artificial Intelligence also comes handy in collecting the datasets from multiple platforms including social media, websites, and applications. On top of that, it assists in the data integration which aids at better consumers targeting and more significant ads customization.

AI can capture and analyze these massive set of data in a more complex and advanced way which involves tools applied to more than one channel. The spread of information through multiple channels makes automation work more productive and innovative.

5. Evolution of ChatBots

Chatbots are designed to assist the customers with 24/7 service which involves computer programmed messaging. The use of Chatbots has become very common these days as most of the entities opt this feature to handle their clients. And what more to ask then the computer-programmed assistant dealing with multiple concerns simultaneously without losing cool.

The Chatbots can be integrated into the massive group of platforms from informing apps (Messenger, Skype, Viber) to proficient tools (Slack).

6. Use of Personal Assistant and Speech Recognition


One of the major changes AI has bought in the modern system is the use of voice recognition. On top of that, the introduction of personal virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Home are aiding to make customer’s experience more advanced.

Besides, the accuracy and quality of speech recognition are moving up the ladder. With still more to come in the future, our interactions with the virtual assistants are going to get more personalized based on our voices. 

All in all, the use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is revolutionizing the pattern of how business is carried out. However, this never means the existing jobs are under threat; it’s just that specific works are carried out more precisely and at a faster rate. Eventually, the rise of AI is assisting the marketers in formulating a better decision and plan according to the customer’s involvement.   

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