5 Big Brother US Contestants You Don’t Remember

Published Date: 29 Jun, 2022 Updated date: 29 Jun, 2022 By Phil

As we get ready for season 24 of the US Big Brother, this is a good moment to recall some of the contestants from the past that you might have forgotten about.

As we get ready for season 24 of the US Big Brother, this is a good moment to recall some of the contestants from the past that you might have forgotten about.

Let’s take a look at five house guests who gave us plenty of memorable moments but that you probably don’t remember.

Eddie McGee

When Big Brother was first launched in the US in 2000, it marked a new direction in the reality show genre that brought a new form of entertainment. We all tuned into the first series without really knowing what to expect from this social experiment with a bunch of strangers thrown into a house together.

In the end, what we saw was Eddie McGee winning the event. A childhood amputee, he immediately stood out for being so outspoken, and for being the only of the contestants to be open about his desire to win the prize money.

In fact, given his varied acting career since then, you might have seen him but not remembered that you first saw him on Big Brother. Eddie has been in a variety of TV series and movies over the years, with The Angel and The Human Race perhaps the most notable of them.

Will Kirby

The second season of Big Brother came along in 2011 and provided us with more talking points. Italian-born Will Kirby, a dermatologist, took home the $500,000 prize when we won the final vote after spending 82 days in the house.

He was nominated four times but used a series of clever strategies to stay in the game until the end. After that success, Will came back for Big Brother 7: All-Stars but this time his smart strategies couldn’t take him all the way to first prize.

He’s featured in a selection of different shows in the years since then. Most recently, Will turns up in The Book of Boba Fett, a TV show based on the Star Wars movies. Did you predict that he would win the second season? You might not know that you now do Big Brother betting if you get a feeling that you know what is going to happen.

Diane Henry

If we skip forward to season five of Big Brother in 2004, we can see that Drew Daniel was the eventual winner, but it was Diane Henry who captured the hearts of many viewers. This cocktail waitress and model from Kentucky hooked up with Drew and was part of a powerful alliance that helped to get her to third place in the show.

It was Drew who controversially voted Diane off the show, but they appeared to get back together once it was over, before announcing their split shortly afterwards. She then returned to appear in the All-Stars house, where she kept a low profile before getting evicted on day 32.

Away from the reality show, Diane worked as a local news reporter and has sometimes turned up doing interviews with other former Big Brother house guests.

Janelle Pierzina

One of the contestants to make most appearances on the show, Janelle Pierzina was a model, actress, and cocktail waitress who first appeared in the sixth series of Big Brother. She was third on that occasion, making it all the way through,to this day, 76.

Janelle’s other appearances on Big Brother came in seasons seven, 14, and 21. She also took third place in the seventh season and was voted America’s Favorite. You might have seen her compete in The Amazing Race as well.

Some people have even said that she has been one of the biggest winners in the history of the American version of Big Brother, despite never having actually won first prize in any of the seasons where she competed.

Drew Daniel

The winner of the fifth season, Drew Daniel first came to our attention when he made up part of the strong Four Horsemen Alliance in this 2004 edition of the reality show. We’ve already looked at his relationship with Diane Henry, but it was his alliance with Cowboy Ellis that helped drive him to the final.

In the end, Drew voted out Diane and beat Cowboy in the final to claim the top prize of $500,000, although the vote was extremely close. His victory was made more impressive by the fact that he became the first houseguest to be Head of Household on four occasions and to never be a final nominee on eviction night.

Since this triumph, Drew has appeared on television a few times, most notably in The Bold and the Beautiful as well as He’s Such a Girl. But he’s not been seen a lot in the last few years. Unlike many of the most popular contestants, he never returned often to the show for a full season, although he did appear briefly in a segment of the sixth season.

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